Share just about anything with friends and make money

Share the cost of subscription services

Create a plan in minutes and then send the link to anyone who you would like to share the cost with. 

Here are just some of the ways people are sharing with Splitoo

£4 / month

Divide the cost of you video streaming service by 4 when you share with 3 others!
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£9 / month

Share WiFi with your upstairs neighbour to save!
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£7 / week

Avoid chasing mates for pitch money with regular payments and tracking!
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£3 / month

Make sure you finally get paid for what your family use!
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£9 / week

Ensure student payments for lessons and avoid forgotten cash!
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£40 / week

Personal training, never miss a session an centralise all your payments

Create a Plan

Define what you can share with others and split the cost
Determine how much you need to earn
Set up how often you want to be paid

Instantly Share

Immediately share your plan with anyone Send personalised links via email or your chosen social media

Receive Regular Payments

Watch your personal splitoo account balance grow
Withdraw your personal balance to your current account of choice whenever you need the cash

What is Splitoo?

It’s simple to setup a plan and send it to someone to request money  

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