Sharing Your Video Streaming Service

If you have a Family Account and are sharing with your brother, sister, mother, father-in-law then, you could finally get paid from them.

The question that we are asked is:

"Can I share my Netflix?"

The answer is yes, and Netflix have put a response to this

"Netflix login information is intended for members of the same household. Netflix allows its members to set up to five profiles on each account and limits usage of devices that can access Netflix at the same time by plans.""

Make sure you’re only sharing if you are part of the same household. You need to all be at the same address. But if there’s a few of your family sharing you account you can have up to four people paying you. 

But if you ask for just £2.50 a month from each. That’s £10 a month. And £120 a year you never asked for. 

Sign up and create a plan. You can create you ‘video streaming’ plan, OR you can do it right here. 

Create a Netflix Plan here

Once you plan is created, you can decide who & how you share  with them.